Preventative Maintenance


When your fleet drives your business, the true cost of breakdowns or accidents can be measured in service downtime, lost customers, injuries, legal liability and damaged reputation. Our preventative maintenance solutions are the preferred choice for companies who refuse to trust their business to anyone but the best.

Lower overall maintenance expenses. Predictable operations and maximum fleet productivity. Better fuel efficiency. Optimal vehicle and equipment life. Improved safety. Fewer accidents. Reduced emissions. Higher resale values. Lasting peace of mind. These are just some of the benefits that customers of our Preventative Maintenance programs enjoy every day.

Quality equipment only remains quality equipment if it is properly cared for

Well maintained assets promote peak performance, improve profits and preserve warranties. At R&R, our technicians use both preventative and predictive maintenance methods aligned to manufacturer plans and the realities of your business. When it comes to the maintenance of your fleet, we make sure that no important step is overlooked and we identify issues before they can develop into problems that impact your business.

Conducted by certified technicians using the latest technologies, our regularly scheduled Preventive Maintenance programs offer a thorough, systematic approach to maintaining your fleet. Tailored to your needs and your equipment, our solutions include detailed reports, maintenance alerts, multi-point inspections, warranty work and minor/major repairs.

Discover how our preventative maintenance solutions can benefit your fleet today.