Licensed Distributor


Running all night on what an idling truck engine burns in two hours, RigMaster® premium stand-alone APUs fit on all class 8 trucks to:

  • Power heating and air conditioning units for sleepers  Output 6000 W, 120V of power to run appliances
  • Power existing block heaters
  • Charge batteries (60 Amp alternator)

As a licensed seller and installer of RigMaster® APUs, we help our clients to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on engines. Save over a gallon of fuel per idle hour. Promote environmentally friendlier operations. Avoid costly anti-idle fines and more...

RigMaster® low battery start up feature means that you will never have to worry about whether or not a truck will start after an extended absence. An automatic temperature control start up/shut down feature promotes even more fuel savings during extended absences in extreme weather.

Equipping your fleet with RigMaster® APUs is also a great tool to promote driver recruitment and retention due to increased comfort and performance reliability. Programmable features allow drivers to heat or cool the cab before they get in and power block heaters for reliable and easier engine starts in cold weather.

All of our RigMaster® units come with a 1-year/2,000-hour warranty and an optional 2-year/4000-hour warranty.